3D Vegetation Artist

VIZPARK is looking for a talented 3D vegetation artist who can create professional and photorealistic 3D plants. Ideally you know how to capture leaves and tree bark with photoscanning, process and create PBR textures with Substance and render out realistic looking plant images. If you also know how to create plants with GrowFX, you´re a perfect fit! If not, please consider to apply nevertheless…

You should:

  • Know how to photoscan leaves, bark and trees with photoscan or realitycapture
  • Have good knowledge of setting up and optimizing vray shaders for plants
  • Know how to process textures in Substance Designer / Painter
  • Know how to UV unwrap and create LowPoly models for use in realtime game engines
  • Be available for online remote work
  • Have good communication skills (english) via email, skype with fast response rates
  • Have a fast internet connection to transfer large files (upload and download)
  • Have a dropbox account for sharing files

If you feel suitable for this position, please send us your application through the contact form and choose “Job Application” as request type.

Please provide references of your work, your technical setup and describe your know-how as precisely as possible.

If you´re interested in a freelance (remote) position, please don´t forget to include your daily rate in US$ or Euros.
If you´re interested in a fulltime position, please include the monthly salary you´re aiming for.

We are looking forward to seeing your application!

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