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VP COMPLETE September 24, 2020

We are very happy with VP COMPLETE which we bought recently and really impressed with the extensive library of high detail vegetation models, which we have been looking for for a long time, without a really satisfying solution - until we found VP. Also our experience with the immediate and kind personal online service was very pleasant. We recommend VP COMPLETE 100%!
White Oak
White Oak September 18, 2020

I used this model in a Revit Vray Next scene to populate some tree lines and it worked very well! Model is very good! Thanks!
Loric Tur - avatar Loric Tur
VP COMPLETE September 17, 2020

Great 3d models and HDRIS, very extensive library of trees and other plants. Would definitely recommend.
Ieva Poderyte - avatar Ieva Poderyte
Material Manager
Material Manager September 9, 2020

A very intuitive, practical and really essential tool when creating and assigning materials, its library is amazing as well as its quality. I highly recommend it. And the support is fast and they solve any problem for you.
Thank you very much Vizpark !!
Mauricio Cavalla - avatar Mauricio Cavalla
MaxTiles September 9, 2020

A very intuitive, practical and really essential tool when creating walls, floors and ceilings. I highly recommend it. And the support is fast and they solve any problem for you.
Thank you very much Vizpark !!
Mauricio Cavalla - avatar Mauricio Cavalla
VP COMPLETE August 21, 2020

Although I already purchased some seperate assets earlier, recently and with a summer-discount I bought the VP Complete suite. It is very complete (hence the name ;-)) and first impression is good!
At some points in my opinion there is room for improvement for instance regarding file-organisation (not all packages are organised the same way) and version info on the download page would be nice.

But like I is so complete and therefore I would surely recommend it!!
JHoogstede - avatar JHoogstede
OmniTiles August 20, 2020

I purchased the product only yesterday. Looks most impressive. I had already made a special texture with it that I needed. I am missing a tutorial that explains how to make a texture from scratch without using preset.
many thanks
roysgi - avatar roysgi

It is very convenient for me to make interior design projects
thomas - avatar thomas
OmniTiles August 6, 2020

make seamless textures is very convenient.
i use it to make a lot of different kinds of wood floors
thomas - avatar thomas
VP COMPLETE August 5, 2020

Haven't had the time yet to fully discover all the assets, what i can say is that it looks amazing,, the vp complete is easy to use and saves you a lot of time. Im curious to see how fast my portfolio will expend.
I would definitely recommend it!
Edwin Jansen - avatar Edwin Jansen
Real Trees
Real Trees July 24, 2020

Works fine in Blender, easy and quick to scatter. Medium to high resolution. Perfect for creating large areas with tree's.
Nice variety in this collection.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
HDRI Skydome 36
HDRI Skydome 36 July 24, 2020

Skydome 36, like all the HDRI's in this pack, works great in Maxwell Render and Blender's Cycle renderer. Very easy to fine tune for strong or soft shadows. High resolution!
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Cherries June 18, 2020

Amazing cherries. People think that the simple Maxwell Rendering looks like a photo and that they a real!
Rudolf Lehnert - avatar Rudolf Lehnert
OmniTiles May 22, 2020

I'm impressed by the possibilities of this program. It the first time that I enjoy to make seamless textures. The program is very user friendly and the layout looks nice. I love the fact that this program is smart to import and export bitmaps with the right type name (normal, bump, ...) this safes a lot of time. Everyone how has ever tried to 'Photoshop' a custom made seamless texture will be impressed by OmniTiles Standalone.
showduction - avatar showduction
VP COMPLETE May 11, 2020

Eine sehr schöne und umfangreiche Sammlung mit Liebe zum Detail.
Anfangs wollte sich OmniTiles auf meinem Computer nicht öffnen lassen, aber nach umgehender Anwort bzw. Hilfe (und das an einem Sonntag :-)) war das Problem schnell gelöst. Nochmals mein Dank dafür und weiterhin viel Erfolg!
neupet - avatar neupet
White Oak
White Oak May 5, 2020

Great tree model for a good realism. I am using it with Corona Scatter.
MAria Perez - avatar MAria Perez
Gerbera Flowers
Gerbera Flowers April 30, 2020

So important
Dedit Priyono - avatar Dedit Priyono
OmniTiles April 27, 2020

This is indispansable tools for mosaic and flooring coatings....
I follow tutorial to learn it for 100% performance
Alessio Valsecchi - avatar Alessio Valsecchi
Red Robin
Red Robin April 24, 2020

They Transmuted perfectly and the proxies, which I made for Thea Render , work very well.
Dave Paukner - avatar Dave Paukner
White Oak
White Oak April 20, 2020

I'm using this in Sketchup and Thea Render. Makes for an easy to use proxy for my models. Plan on using it in conjunction with Skatter for larger forest elements in model backgrounds. This is well suited for that.
Dave Paukner - avatar Dave Paukner
Real Trees
Real Trees April 11, 2020

Models and materials are awesome, texture resolution is at a sweet spot and unlike many other trees, bumpmaps are included. Got this in the VP Complete bundle and the price is a steal.

C4D libraries for content browser included, which I find extremely helpul.
Martin Gruhn - avatar Martin Gruhn
White Oak
White Oak April 2, 2020

Works great in Sketchup V-ray NEXT - no need to tune anything. Easy to change the colour. Good for close/medium distance shots. After changing to v-ray scene - easy breeze!!!
Marcin Długi - avatar Marcin Długi
Cantaloupe Melon
Cantaloupe Melon March 21, 2020

Nice work, the texture is perfect, very realistic, thank you!
Serena Valisi - avatar Serena Valisi
Sidewalk I
Sidewalk I February 21, 2020

fantastic texture and maps, give a great render result. plus it is a free texture, amazing
doutan - avatar doutan
Texas Walnut Parquet
Texas Walnut Parquet February 20, 2020

Great product, it is no doubt one of the top quality texture that i have used so far.
doutan - avatar doutan
Beech Wood Parquet
Beech Wood Parquet February 18, 2020

the texture is lovely, the quality is good but could be improved with more maps options
doutan - avatar doutan
Opera February 17, 2020

a very fun product, very realistic and easy to use at the same time. giving a great render result
doutan - avatar doutan
Berlin Aged Wall
Berlin Aged Wall February 17, 2020

well organized resources and easy to use, everything is well done
doutan - avatar doutan
Cobblestone Square
Cobblestone Square February 17, 2020

Very good texture, Easy to use and all the maps are included so dont need to worry about producing extra maps
doutan - avatar doutan
Roeben Accum
Roeben Accum February 17, 2020

This map gives my renders another level of quality, love to use it
doutan - avatar doutan