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Weeping Willow (v2)
Weeping Willow (v2) February 16, 2020

excellent model, always love to use this tree in my render. it looks fantastic from distance
doutan - avatar doutan
Cantaloupe Melon
Cantaloupe Melon February 16, 2020

lots of love on this site and constantly providing top quality sources and products
doutan - avatar doutan
Gerbera Flowers
Gerbera Flowers February 16, 2020

just amazing how it turns out after the rendering. amazing as usual
doutan - avatar doutan
Deco Vase
Deco Vase February 16, 2020

This is just as beautiful as other models, very good quality and very nice render result.
doutan - avatar doutan
Apple v1
Apple v1 February 16, 2020

Fantastic apple model. the render result just looks fantastic. Love it
doutan - avatar doutan
Dirt Ground 2
Dirt Ground 2 February 16, 2020

Vizpark has always offered high quality render textures this is not an exception very impressed
doutan - avatar doutan
White Oak
White Oak February 16, 2020

a great tree model plus is free for use which is just handy
doutan - avatar doutan
Phoenix Palm (v2)
Phoenix Palm (v2) February 15, 2020

exactly what i wanted. this is so beautiful and the contents are top quality
doutan - avatar doutan
Red Robin
Red Robin February 15, 2020

this is really high quality model and really easy to use. want to have more of those
doutan - avatar doutan
HDRI Skydomes IV
HDRI Skydomes IV February 10, 2020

If I want to create an outdoor scene with a good natural ambient light, this product gives me exactly that. Very good quality!!. Thanks so much!
Mauricio Cavalla - avatar Mauricio Cavalla
White Oak
White Oak February 10, 2020

just insert it gives me a very good realism with easy to use parameters
Mauricio Cavalla - avatar Mauricio Cavalla

Great plugin to help my unusually poor organisation of materials, only downside is not currently having access to the other vizpark plug ins, really restricts my use of the preset materials already on the ,aterial manager
Callum Muir - avatar Callum Muir
MaxTiles February 3, 2020

Very pleasantly surprised at ease of use and flexibility. Vizpark's tutorials on all their products are great learning tools. Just wish Material Manager would let you import Vray Materials.
Highly recommend Max Tiles!
cadd26 - avatar cadd26
Sidewalk I
Sidewalk I February 3, 2020

Great generic paving for a sidewalk. I use it all the time.
Koen Bakker - avatar Koen Bakker
HDRI Skydome 35
HDRI Skydome 35 January 29, 2020

Very high quality, resolution and backplates. High dynamic range, works very well in Maxwell Render.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
White Oak
White Oak January 29, 2020

Good mesh, not to detailed but very suitable for small forests, easy to change colours.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Weeping Willow (v2)
Weeping Willow (v2) January 27, 2020

So easy to use and produces great results. Having tried this free tree model I will be purchasing the set of trees to use in my projects.
Amie Bradshaw - avatar Amie Bradshaw
White Oak
White Oak January 27, 2020

So easy to use and produces great results. Having tried this free tree model I will be purchasing the set of trees to use in my projects.
Amie Bradshaw - avatar Amie Bradshaw
Winter Scene
Winter Scene January 5, 2020

A well structured scene, great for a base model if you are putting a snow scene together or want to learn a bit more how to do it.
hughie33 - avatar hughie33
Skimmia Japonica
Skimmia Japonica December 21, 2019

Nice rendering details, looks great both from close and far, as ground cover or generic bush.
Antioche - avatar Antioche
HDRI Skydomes IV
HDRI Skydomes IV December 3, 2019

Beautiful Products, they make your scenes stand out amongst the crowd!!
Wayne - avatar Wayne
HDRI Skydome 40
HDRI Skydome 40 December 3, 2019

My favourite HDRI to use for sunny summer day scenes. Works very well.
TMN - avatar TMN
VP COMPLETE December 3, 2019

VP Complete is an excellent resource for myself - an Architect - who primarily uses Sketchup/Vray for 3d work.
Excellent quality - big time savings having so much here - and good value.
Thanks to the people of VP!
Omnitiles (Demo)
Omnitiles (Demo) November 24, 2019

Thanks for your efforts, it is such a great job
Arefkg75 - avatar Arefkg75
Casa Navona
Casa Navona November 20, 2019

I wish to have like these scenes to improve our experience, I really recommend this site for all 3D BIM workers and professional experts designers.
Arefkg75 - avatar Arefkg75
OmniTiles November 9, 2019

Omnitiles standalone
For interior design it is very good.
We use it to customize coatings in bathrooms and retail stores.
We can create textures that show regional resources and materials.
Thanks good work.
Pablo Alvarez - avatar Pablo Alvarez
Real Trees
Real Trees November 8, 2019

It was so HARD to find HD trees which is compatible to Vray/Rhino and it looked great in my renders.
Charley Han - avatar Charley Han
VP COMPLETE November 7, 2019

VIZPARK Complete is the all-round carefree package you are looking for to spice up your visualizations.
The product is fantastic, the price is fair and the fast & friendly support is amazing.
I've spent ages in online libraries to find the right plant-assets & HDRI'S for my works.
Now I have VIZPARK Complete - problem solved!
Lea Aimee - avatar Lea Aimee
Iris Flowers
Iris Flowers November 2, 2019

I use Iris as backgrounds for many of my Realflow models for architects. These are the best models I've ever worked with. They render perfectly in Maxwell Render. Also, these are just in the perfect clump sets. I really recommend these to anyone looking for Iris!
Pamela Case - avatar Pamela Case

Simple and easy to use but contains minor glitches and has no function to upload multiple materials at once.
Tiradit - avatar Tiradit