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Phoenix Palm (v2)
Phoenix Palm (v2) July 8, 2019

High quality mesh, ideal for close ups. Fast rendering (Maxwell renderer).
Easy and directly to append in your scenes (Blender, Cycles). High quality texture set up.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Beech Wood Parquet
Beech Wood Parquet June 28, 2019

works great with floor generator. very good texture/ like it
raz linetzki - avatar raz linetzki
Real Floors
Real Floors June 28, 2019

Happy to add these to the collection. Well done and thanks!
area51visitor - avatar area51visitor
OmniTiles June 27, 2019

Easy to use and can make also complicated patterns.
How about add option to import own design in it?
Hannu Metso - avatar Hannu Metso
HDRI Skydome 31
HDRI Skydome 31 May 20, 2019

High quality HDRI with high quality backplates, strong and even lighting, soft shadows and contrast.
Fast rendering in Maxwell Render 4.0
Kliest - avatar Kliest
HDRI Skydome 33
HDRI Skydome 33 May 5, 2019

Very high resolution enhances the render quality, perfect in combination with Maxwell render sun.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
HDRI Skydomes IV
HDRI Skydomes IV April 30, 2019

High EV range and resolution, additional backplates are very useful.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Real Flowers
Real Flowers April 30, 2019

Clean mesh, colourful, easy to render maps. Renders well and quick in Maxwell Render.
Wide variety of models, more different species to come?
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Cobblestone Square
Cobblestone Square April 28, 2019

Rich and easy to use texture in both high and low resolutions, all the maps I need are included.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Cobblestone Square
Cobblestone Square April 26, 2019

Very natural ground texture.
Great thanks for another very useful gift.
As usual quality and realism.
BKKowalski - avatar BKKowalski
Cobblestone Square
Cobblestone Square April 25, 2019

Well I got this cobblestone texture set for free and a heck of a deal. I've tested it in Terragen 4 and it works a charm...thanks again.

Bobby Stahr
Bobby Stahr - avatar Bobby Stahr
Real Shrubs
Real Shrubs April 23, 2019

Nice set of shrubs, high quality mesh, renders well with Maxwell Render 4.0, no post-processing applied
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Real Shrubs
Real Shrubs April 23, 2019

Excellent set of plants, just what I was looking for!
Ruud - avatar Ruud
HDRI Skydome 08
HDRI Skydome 08 April 18, 2019

Fantastic sky for Sketchup Vray. Last 2 renders were fantastic. Every angle and rotation looks great. I will definitely purchase more from Vizpark!
paul.hinty - avatar paul.hinty
Real Shrubs
Real Shrubs April 17, 2019

I'm very very happy with this product for Sketchup and VRay. Its so detailed and with great material.
igorfisco - avatar igorfisco
HDRI Skydome 37
HDRI Skydome 37 April 17, 2019

Superb quality. All stuff in pack EXR, backplates and environment scene are the best quality.
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
HDRI Skydome 31
HDRI Skydome 31 April 17, 2019

What a quality.
Super lighting comes from this hdri map, and it's great that scene with ready set environment is included in pack.
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Real Grass
Real Grass April 15, 2019

Lots of variations, good quality maps, well organised, some confusing names. Maxwell render 4, no post-processing used.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Real Flowers
Real Flowers April 12, 2019

Models are very nice but my Vray doesn't see proxy's. SU 2018/Vray 3.6.
cyprian93 - avatar cyprian93
Gerbera Flowers
Gerbera Flowers April 12, 2019

Very well mesh, colorfull maps and well organised in separate files. Rendered in Maxwell Render 4.0, no post-processing needed.
Kliest - avatar Kliest
Opera April 11, 2019

I'm thinking about buying modern walls, because this package gives you a very cool product.
The 4K version gives advice, and multitextures have to be even more fun.
I will test and see
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Gerbera Flowers
Gerbera Flowers April 11, 2019

Pretty nice flower.
Very realistic model, it's nice that you give it for free, and of course it's great that the file contains 12 variations
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Deco Vase
Deco Vase April 11, 2019

I understand that this is a free model, but I would not boast about it, because it totally does not match the quality of your other products - the note is very commendable.
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Apple v1
Apple v1 April 11, 2019

Another perfect model.
I really like the quality of the materials.
It looks great in vray and corona
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Sidewalk I
Sidewalk I April 11, 2019

Very good once.
I like the quality and method of preparing maps.
You can not see the divisions the effect is really great.
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Phoenix Palm (v2)
Phoenix Palm (v2) April 11, 2019

Wow. Another nice gift. Thanks, because it's really a great quality model.
Perfectly modeled, very real
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Roeben Accum
Roeben Accum April 11, 2019

Very good quality of maps.
The effects when combined with the crown and walls & tiles do the job.
IM very impressed
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Beech Wood Parquet
Beech Wood Parquet April 11, 2019

I am very impressed with the quality of the textur.
Thanks for sure it will be one of my favorites
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Weeping Willow (v2)
Weeping Willow (v2) April 11, 2019

A really nice model.
Very realistic. The textures at the highest level.
I'm thinking about buying the entire collection
BK_mdd - avatar BK_mdd
Real Trees
Real Trees April 9, 2019

Great collection. I used them in UE4 and they look beautifully. I can only recommend.
bukovy - avatar bukovy