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Plywood Panels
Plywood Panels August 27, 2014

these plywood textures are great, and at a nice resolution.
lucidmetal - avatar lucidmetal
Walls & Tiles Complete
Walls & Tiles Complete August 12, 2014

Thank you Vizpark Team for this awesome tool! Is really useful in my pipeline to create this kind surfaces.
smereces - avatar smereces
Real Grass
Real Grass August 5, 2014

Great flowers models, I bought the FBX format. Works great and there is some nice variation. Worth the value.
ChristopherM - avatar ChristopherM
Real Grass
Real Grass August 2, 2014

By opening my first GrowFX version from this collection, I felt like having found my Eldorado! The plants parameters are extremely well tweaked in order to produce realistic results with the lowest amount possible of mesh... a crucial condition, if you're about to distribute your models, a huge amount of time.
Materials* are fast, and colors are conform to reality. However, the golden part, the part that makes this collection an Eldorado to me, is the knowledge and the beauty of execution inside, in each of those GrowFX construction model.

A must have for both Arch viz artists and GrowFX users...

* V-ray tested only
oliman1st - avatar oliman1st
Real Grass
Real Grass July 31, 2014

As the other stuff of VizPark, RealGrass is a wonderful et very specific product. This will allow me to expand my library of quality plants, and suggest to my clients new beautiful renders.
I have purchase the ForestPack bundle, to work faster in my models.
Congratulations to VizPark !
RolandB - avatar RolandB
PLUGINS Complete
PLUGINS Complete July 29, 2014

Great bundle to get started. Everything you need is right here. Can make your own texture with the right maps, or make some cool effects with Mosiac. Good worth for the money as these tools will speed up your workflow. Totally recommends this package
ChristopherM - avatar ChristopherM
Walls & Tiles
Walls & Tiles July 29, 2014

Good and easy to use plug in, good variation on the shapes. If I had to say something negative hmm more texture included with the plug-in.

Still totally worth to have and as texture library grows it will be a must have tool in the future.
ChristopherM - avatar ChristopherM
Real Grass
Real Grass July 26, 2014

Fantastic product, high quality and ready to use in large or small projects. We are very pleased with the adquicicion. Aditional thanks for GrowFX version.
esanti - avatar esanti
VP COMPLETE July 25, 2014

Great deal this complete bundle
BlomMedia - avatar BlomMedia
Real Grass
Real Grass July 25, 2014

Looks great, I bought the GrowFX version and it works brilliantly (with the added advantage of being able to easily tweak and animate the individual plants) - avatar
Real Grass
Real Grass July 24, 2014

RealGrass is great.The presets are highly usefull and the files are not stressing my system. I use ForestPack extensively so RealGrass is a great addition to my workflow.
nirsul - avatar nirsul
HDRI Skydomes I
HDRI Skydomes I July 24, 2014

A really great set of HDRI images. I'm using mental ray and they worked perfectly!
mikeluard - avatar mikeluard
Interior Plants
Interior Plants July 18, 2014

Thanks for offering a c4d-version. VrayforC4D too!
This intrior plant-collection is the best on the whole net.
Keep up to feeding C4D-User with more content. 😉
feribobi - avatar feribobi
Walls & Tiles
Walls & Tiles March 8, 2013

The new feature to have custom grout patterns really helps for my renderings!
cicadadesign - avatar cicadadesign
MaxTiles March 8, 2013

The new feature to have custom grout patterns really helps for my renderings!
cicadadesign - avatar cicadadesign
Crossmap January 11, 2013

Very helpful tool!
filippo.previtali - avatar filippo.previtali
Deco Vase
Deco Vase November 25, 2012

Nice work
monzu - avatar monzu