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Deco Vase

This download includes a modern deco vase in three colors (white, grey, black) with three different branch collections in them. Each branch collection has some color variations and the materials are provided so that you can combine any vase color with any branch colllection (green, black-white or brown).

The branches are created with GrowFX and the download includes a scene with the GrowFX presets, so you can change the branches as you like, if you have GrowFX 1.7.0 installed.

VRay proxies and MR proxies are included as well, so if you don´t want to waste polygons in your scene, just merge the proxy versions of the vases into your own scene.

The materials are ready to use for VRay 1.5 or above. The file contains 3Ds Max 2010 scenes with vray materials applied.

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